Friday, April 15, 2011

Helping your children prepare for kindergarten

With spring in full bloom, your three- or four-year-old has probably been registered for kindergarten. For a lot of parents, the act of registering your child for school can be a hard one. It is difficult to imagine your little baby all grown up and heading off to kindergarten. You may think there is no way your baby can be ready for school. This can lead to worry - Is your child actually ready for school? Does he or she know everything that will be expected? Might your child fall behind?

Rest assured, teachers expect varying levels of knowledge in their young kindergarteners. One child may have three older siblings and can already write full sentences. Another child may still struggle with writing his or her name at the end of the school year. Parents, to assuage your fears, I have put together a short list of skills that show kindergarten readiness. Take the time between now and September to help your child attain most of these skills so that he or she is confident in his or her abilities when entering kindergarten.
  • Speaks in complete sentences, clear enough to be understood by someone outside of family.
  • Recognizes rhyming words.
  • Can recite the ABCs and count to 10.
  • Can retell a short story and answer questions about it.

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